Monday, June 13, 2011

Save Ferris

My dear dear friend (who is also the creator of the doorbell and bird-mobile posts on this blog)
was featured on Apartment Therapy!!
She is an AMAZING photographer as I'm sure you can tell by this amazing photo [which is for sale in her etsy shop bytheway]

Oh... and all proceeds from the sales of the prints go towards their son Cash's medical bills.
He has C.A.H. [which means he spends waaay more time in the ER/Dr's than any little human being should]
You can read more about him HERE

Congrats Yellow House!
[that's dear friend's blog by the way. You should visit it, especially if you're a photography buff]

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Doing a Living Room makeover in our "new" house (only took me 9 months to get around to it!)
Here are the pillows I made last night:

Both are made from Joann's canvas outdoor fabric (which is 19.99 a yard so get it on sale at half off like I did or use a coupon), and dark green felt strips.
The above picture also features striped green Walmart fabric for the bow

Would you believe that the white couch these are on is actually a worn out couch we've had waaay too long with just a large CA king blanket over it?! Until I find an affordable white/cream leather couch **cuz leather = wipeable = less stains/messes = more kid friendly** this will have to do! Upside? blanket tucks in to look like slipcover, and UNtucks to wash in the washer!

Total cost of these pillows:
Canvas fabric: $3.50 (got 1/3 yard)
Striped fabric: FREE- already had but I think it's around $2 a yard a Walmart for those of you interested.I  only used 4" (width) 
Green Felt: FREE-already had, but I used 1/3 yard and this is VERY inexpensive especially with 50% off coupons. $1??ish
TOTAL: $3.50!
Even though every layer of these pillows was an afterthought (making these projects take 3X's as  long as they should have.... basically ALL night)
and I am my own worst critic so that's saying something!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unique Valentines Gift


Happy Valentines Day my friends ♥

p.s. Wouldn't this make a great gift ANY day/holiday of the year?!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cousin Eric & CoCo Bean pay us a visit

My cousin Eric and his uber lovely family are paying us a visit today from the land of YouTube.
Enjoy these hilarious clips :)

Skinny Jeans:

Ted Williams Remake:

And lastly... one of my personal favs... Daddy's work:

Go HERE to see the most popular clip "THE KID WORKOUT"
and I wouldn't be a good cousin if I didn't give you a plug: Go subscribe and leave a comment on what Daddy and son should do next! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Yellow House spotlight with Vday Cards!

One of my dearest, very bestest, go-way-back, grew up together, friends has an oh so lovely blog and today she has some super cute Valentines Day Cards for you to print out for FREE!


And her "so cute he should be on a cereal box" son: CASH

Cash has CAH {Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia}
You can read about his story HERE
In a nutshell... Cash is on several medications for life so he can produce the proper amount of hormones and if he is ever under any physical stress {cold, flu, sickness, injury, etc} he has to have an emergency shot to save his life.
All of this means Cash goes the ER more than any baby ever should! And that he is constantly being poked and prodded... so much so that his poor little veins are having a hard time taking it all.

Medical bills are taking their toll so sweet Cierra {who is an amazing photographer} opened an Etsy shop in which all proceeds go to help pay for those mounting medical bills.

Here's a sneak peak:

{Cierra, I lovers you ♥ You are an inspiration to many! }

Go check out her Yellow House 365 blog HERE :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Clock Face

In case any of you are new here I figured I'd best specify that there are 3 of us that blog here (Debbie, Cierra, & Stephanie).... hence all the varying stories and such :) Anywho....
Remember my clock face tutorial?
Were ya wonderin' where I ended up putting it?
Well wonder no more my friend :)

Mucho luvs
p.s. Be sure to head on over to Cierra's other blog to check out her amazing giveaway!

The One with the Holiday Wreath

I've been absentee on this blog, I know, I know.
But all that matters is that I'm posting now, right? Please forgive me? K thanks. Besides, what I have to show you is pretty awesome.

What I love about this wreath is that you can have it up all year long,
depending on how you embellish it.

It's feminine without being too girlie
(my husband's not a fan of a lot of "frilly" things,
so this is a good balance.)

Plus, it's made from the pages of thrifted,
vintage books. Three of my favorite things!

So follow the link HERE to read the tutorial.
I have to warn you though, get more glue then you think you need.
I have a mini glue gun & I used (I think. . .) about 4 bags.

Seriously. And I burned my fingers. A lot.
Hopefully you will be more skilled with a glue gun than I am. :)

One more thing before we get to the photos,
this wreath might take you a while.
I sprawled out on my living room floor with a movie playing
after the bambino went to sleep so that I could
burn my fingers for hours & hours uninterrupted.
But I think it turned out quite lovely.




Now for an explanation if you have the time to read on.
I have been M.I.A. from this lovely blog for while for many reasons.
There has been a lot going on & if you want to read more about it, check it out here:

I'm also doing a pretty sweet giveaway.
So stop in & say hello.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to create a Favicon

Hey blogland! What a hiatus!! Can I just say that when it rains.... it POURS! and to top it aaaall off, my computer crashed a few months ago and took the hard drive with it. :(
But today I got my computer back, my photoshop back, and consequently my BLOG back!! YAY!

You'll be noticing some changes around here in the next few days as I update the blog. One of those changes... (if you haven't noticed already) is our new FAVICON!!! What's a favicon you ask?? Look at the top of the screen in the address bar where you see our blog address and look at that cute littel baby image next to our address (http://www.alchemyjunk...etc) 
Here are a few other examples

It's seriously easy. ANYONE can do it! The Stories of A to Z (One of my fav deco blogs) has a super easy tutorial and I'm gonna send you her way rather than explain it myself :)
So CLICK HERE if you haven't already clicked on the link above.

Ahhh it's good to be back!!
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