Monday, June 13, 2011

Save Ferris

My dear dear friend (who is also the creator of the doorbell and bird-mobile posts on this blog)
was featured on Apartment Therapy!!
She is an AMAZING photographer as I'm sure you can tell by this amazing photo [which is for sale in her etsy shop bytheway]

Oh... and all proceeds from the sales of the prints go towards their son Cash's medical bills.
He has C.A.H. [which means he spends waaay more time in the ER/Dr's than any little human being should]
You can read more about him HERE

Congrats Yellow House!
[that's dear friend's blog by the way. You should visit it, especially if you're a photography buff]

1 comment:

* Nancy * said...

Adorable family for sure. Your friend has talent with the camera. Now I need to check out her etsy site.

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