Sunday, June 12, 2011


Doing a Living Room makeover in our "new" house (only took me 9 months to get around to it!)
Here are the pillows I made last night:

Both are made from Joann's canvas outdoor fabric (which is 19.99 a yard so get it on sale at half off like I did or use a coupon), and dark green felt strips.
The above picture also features striped green Walmart fabric for the bow

Would you believe that the white couch these are on is actually a worn out couch we've had waaay too long with just a large CA king blanket over it?! Until I find an affordable white/cream leather couch **cuz leather = wipeable = less stains/messes = more kid friendly** this will have to do! Upside? blanket tucks in to look like slipcover, and UNtucks to wash in the washer!

Total cost of these pillows:
Canvas fabric: $3.50 (got 1/3 yard)
Striped fabric: FREE- already had but I think it's around $2 a yard a Walmart for those of you interested.I  only used 4" (width) 
Green Felt: FREE-already had, but I used 1/3 yard and this is VERY inexpensive especially with 50% off coupons. $1??ish
TOTAL: $3.50!
Even though every layer of these pillows was an afterthought (making these projects take 3X's as  long as they should have.... basically ALL night)
and I am my own worst critic so that's saying something!

1 comment:

* Nancy * said...

Love the pics, but it was awesome to see these pillows & the painted stripes in person!
I am so excited to know that you are such a talented decorator!
See ya soon.

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