Sunday, July 25, 2010

Small Shabby Chic Cottage

Remember those beautiful pics of that romantic bed loft and books shelf perched in the vaulted ceilings?
 Well I recently found the story behind that stunning house and would you believe that the entire house is only 9 x 14 and was renovated and decorated for only $3,000!!!

And the cute little lady that owns it doesn't even live in it full time as it has no kitchen, heating, or air. 
She calls it "my refuge" because she really lives in a TRAILER
and everything needed to renovate and furnish the place had to be hand carried across a small stream! CLICK HERE to read the full story from the NY Times and CLICK HERE for a slideshow of more amazing pics including her trailer and the stream that seperates her trailer and the cottage

1 comment:

Gracefully Vintage said...

WOW, that is Stunning- I love it-LOVE it, the white the rustic country the frenchy feel..
Just amazing

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