Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspiration Pics

Hey all! Guess who's done hiding under a rock! :) Sorry we've all been M.I.A. It's been a chaotic, drama-filled few months but things have been settled for a month or so. I feel rested and ready to blog again! I'm sure the others will follow suite shortly. If you only knew the drama with a CAPITAL D we've all been through! And what are the odds that Cierra, Debbie, and I would all be handed lemons at the same time?! anyway.....

I've been scouring blog land, google, bing, etc for  inpsiration because......... WE'RE GETTING A HOUSE!!! We'll be moving in within a month and I can't wait to start decorating!! I'm soooo ready to blog about decorating again! So, over the next few weeks I'll post my inspiration pics (my camera and computer with my photoshop on it is 5 states away with my hubby for another month so copy/paste will have to do for now :)I'll post original pics when my camera/photoshop come home to momma! (momma misses you)
As some of you may know, I'm Danish so I like searching through Scandinavian blogs as the pics are what I like to consider, "fresh meat".  A lot of my inspiration pics will come from there. Hope you all enjoy the eye candy until I get my camera, computer, and life back over the next month. (Debbie, Cierra, help a girl out and lets get posting!)

First off... a few pics from VINTAGE CHIC-stines blog One of my FAVE Norwegian blogs.
These pics she grabbed from The New York Times
I gotta say I'm not a huge "romantic decor" fan. It's something I'd do in my girls rooms but not through out my whole house. However I'd move into this house in less than a heartbeat given the chance!

 LOOOOOVE the book loft! Genius.

And although I'm not doing any cowboy themed rooms these next pics are definitely worth sharing!
They come from DEJA VU CRAFTS
LOVE the colors. Especially the blue. Most people I think would have opted for brown or black (on the bed and dresser) which would have looked nice but that color blue is oh-so-much-better given that it's a little boys room.
scrap wood turned coat hanger

It's all in the details. She could have gotten away with knobs but the rope pulls are much more country and look so cute!

I've gotta tell you... I'm extremely picky when it comes to decorating and it takes more to impress me than I'd like to admit. That being said, I think she did an amazing job!! She hit the nail right on the head! I don't think I've ever seen a cuter cowboy themed room.


Harmoni og Kontrast said...

I loooove that little house... Thanks for following my blog, I will do the same:-)

Cindy said...

GREAT images. My heart melts when I look at that white room. The loft, the chandeliers, the book shelves...everything is so delectable. The boys room is adorable, too.
Hugs, Cindy S

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