Saturday, June 5, 2010

John Deere Themed Baby Shower

I threw a John Deere themed baby shower for my sister back in March and completely forgot to share the pics until now. We went with a John Deere theme because:
1. her hubby is studying to be a diesel mechanic and loves tractors
and 2. her hubby's name is Jon :) We thought that was funny

We sent out these invites which I designed in Photoshop and then had printed at Costco as "pictures" so they only cost me .13 cents each! I think I spent a total of like $3 something.

In our family we rarely throw "regular" baby showers. We've done dinners parties, gone out to eat, had a cheese tasting party, and for this one we did a chocolate tasting party!

We served chocolate dipped fruit, donuts, jalepenos, and chips for appetizers

We carved tire tracks into the donuts

And we served the drinks in bottles with green and yellow straws.
(which we later cleaned and gave to her for her new baby boy)

Our theme colors were green, yellow, and brown (with bits of cream as an accent color) so we served lemonade & chocolate milk!

Our centerpieces were rusted iron baskets which we stuffed with raffia and rolled up diapers to mimic flowers (which also went to the new mom).

We used burlap as an underlay on the tables and a striped green fabric on top.

We bought some Lindt specialty chocolate bars at our local grocery store and cut them up into bite size pieces for our guests to try.

We had 9 really fun flavors including a Sea Salt Chocolate which had bits of rock salt in it. A Chili Dark Chocolate which was a spicy dark chocolate. A White Chocolate Coconut which surprised even the white chocolate haters. It was Delish! and a bit gritty from the mashed coconut. and of course a really really Dark Chocolate (85%) which was so dark it was like eating straight cocao. 

and we cleansed our palate inbetween samples with sliced lemon and lime 

(which again brought in the yellow and green thing we had going on)

All in all it was a blast! You can't go wrong with friends and chocolate :)


vintage girl at heart said...

What a innovative shower.. I would have never been as creative..great ideas!!!
You are so can never go wrong with chocolate!
Blessings for a healthy baby!!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

What a fun shower idea! I love it...and such a classy John Deere theme! It went way above my expectations!

Cara @ Whimsy Smitten said...

Very creative! My son LOVES all things farm-related and his favorite thing in the world is taking a ride on the John Deere riding lawnmower. I was thinking for his next birthday, I should have a John Deere party for him -- I'll have to borrow some of your creative ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Tomas m Riddle said...

mmmm. that just looks yummie! I love the use of the toys and the photography is beutiful, I love the color. ~

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