Monday, May 10, 2010

Readin' and Ritin'

*Custom Chalkboard Paint Recipe is in the middle of this post... scroll down*

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted.......
lot's going on
but I know it is the same with each of you.

 This I know:
 God is good.
 God listens.
 God hears our prayers.
 Family is everything.
I am so grateful for ALL things.

So here is what I made:

A chalkboard.
I know.
You been there.
You done that.
I tweaked it.

I started with this delicious found object.
Love the patina.

Didn't like the chalkboard paint choices.
Made my own.

Custom Colors How-To
Start with flat-finish latex paint in any shade. For small areas, such as a door panel, mix 1 cup at a time. Recipe is 1 Cup of paint + 2 Tbsp of unsanded grout. double or quadruple as necessary.
My color choice: Moss Meadow from Benjamin Moore

My grout choice

1. Pour 1 cup of paint into a container. Add 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Mix with a paint stirrer, carefully breaking up clumps

*side note: (I used luan for my project and cut it to size)
Here is a pic of the project ready to paint!

2. Apply paint with a roller or a sponge paintbrush to a primed or painted surface. Work in small sections, going over the same spot several times to ensure full, even coverage. Let dry. (I painted 4 coats. Not necessary, I just felt like painting.)

3. Smooth area with 150-grit sandpaper, and wipe off dust.

4. To condition: Rub the side of a piece of chalk over entire surface. Wipe away residue with a barely damp sponge.
You now have your own custom colored chalkboard!

To finish my project I used Gorilla Glue to glue the now painted Luan to my found object

Follow directions when using the glue.

You like?


Rachel said...

I DO like your chalkboard. I didn't even know you could make your own chalkboard paint.
Now I am using my whisper have the letters of Joshua mixed up... you can delete my post...I don't want to offend did a FANTASTIC job...I stalk your blog all the time. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, yours really turned out great! Maybe this summer I can give it a try...Marcia

Suzanne said...

That is one cool chalkboard! Thanks for the how to tip on making your own chalkboard paint.\

I love that scripture. It's the theme this year for the youth in my church.

Cottage Dreamers said...

I love this! I'll have to try it.
☺ Celeste

Cindy said...

You are some amazing! What a great way to make chalkboard paint. Your scripture is so very fitting for every day life. I love it!
Hugs, Cindy S

Rustique Art said...

I love... not it! Fantastic!

alice said...

Super dooper! I have made chalk paint and it is EASY-PEZY. Love you finished product!!
smiles, alice

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

cute! we didn't realize you could mix your own paint - thanks for that tip! & yes, gorilla glue also explodes out of the container when you sqeeze it with the lid on....did you know that? My 14 year old found that out a couple of weeks ago :)
there's always something isn't there!!

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