Friday, April 2, 2010


When we started this blog Steph and I decided this would be only about our home decorating projects....sounds easy enough!!! 
 Each week  all of us would post some amazing, inspiring project.Photobucket

  I would compartmentalize my life into different boxes; like the "wife box", the" mother box", the "daughter box", the "work box" and so on.

Each box opened and dealt with solely on it's own  and as needed. 

All these boxes would be neatly stacked, organized and could be found at a moment's notice.
NO box would ever be neglected!!!! 

This bog would be our  our "decorating box."

Well...... my " life boxes" I think know are more like this...

opened with contents spilling over, bulging, taped messes with sometimes undetermined contents.
 It is what it is.........and that is okay. 

So here is what I learned about the contents of  my "decorating box" or the blog.

 It is:
 not mandatory.
 not where my self-worth comes from.
 not about how many followers or hits you have.

It is:
 a place to fulfill my creativity....when I need it.
 a place where I am inspired and strengthened  by so many amazing women.
 a place to share hopes and dreams.

so.....because I can not keep stuff out of my decorating box....a new grandbaby


coming to terms with aging parents  

worry for my children, and all of life's stuff...

I am emptying all my boxes.........
 right here, 
right now, 
 right dab smack in the middle of floor and mixing it up...
and because every moment of worry, joy, sadness, pain, laughter, peace and  every life experience makes us who we are.....


 I am gonna make a life tapestry.
Rich with color, mistakes, and every emotion under the  sun. Imperfect......but mine.
 No. More. Boxes. 

 Live in the Moment.
 Live with Gratitude. 

The only rules.


P.S. The good photo's are Cierra's...she made me a grandma.... yesterday....the fourth blessed..... 


Casual (dash) Cottage said...

God give us one Box to fill-
Our life is one BIG box with a bunch of little surprise boxes nested inside each other.

Blessings of family are great- no matter what box you're working out of at the moment.
Those are things we want to overflow into all the other little boxes...don't we?

God bless you and your family,YOUNG AND OLD- as it grows.

Ron and Connie said...

Hang in there and don't worry about the things that don't matter. Take care of the things that you can and don't forget to take care of yourself. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Laurie at The Turner Farm said...

A beautiful well said post. And CONGRATS on that beautiful little one. A blessing indeed

alice said...

Wonderful post and at the present moment I need to remember that. Grands are the best on earth! Enjoy smiles, alice

Lisa said...

Well written. So often we become slaves to rules of our own making, and something that starts as fun turns into just another item on our 'To Do' list. The 'no obligations' attitude probably turns out the best posts, regardless of the topic, so good for you for writing your own permission slip. Happy blogging!

simple~needs said...

love this post!!!!!

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

Welcome to the world of no boxes! I've been living this way since all my boxes tumbled on the floor throwing everything in disarray. It's hard to look at everything laying about (at least for me) when it used to be so neat and tidy. I wish you well on your journey.

sweetpea said...

congrats and i love your philosophy...



C.J. said...

Great post! God bless you and the new baby, well, all of you, God bless all of you.

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