Monday, February 8, 2010

Hide and Seek

Hey Joe, meet the folks!

I know he is kinda scary to some folks. In fact I have seen my grandsons stare at him in morbid fascination...thank goodness no nightmares. We avoid those with the sugar induced comas that grandma ALWAYS provides. Any who...Joe and I used to have a thing....we met in a wonderful shop on the "River Walk" in San Antiono about 17 years ago when I was in my southwest phase( almost as bad as my spiral perm and shoulder pads....I looked hot) and he came home with me.
Sigh....people what can you do? You move on. I tried to move him on at a garage sale I held last spring and no takers. Can YOU believe that?????? Back home he came and back on the wall because he serves an important purpose....see he's a hider.

Until I find a new guy for the job, he stays!!!

The doorbell thingy.

 This basket covers the smoke alarm in by bedroom (design above safety...  okay there's holes in the basket for smoke.) I have a lot of doors in my bedroom so I put the metal 13 over this door (married Friday 13th 35 years ago) and also 11 and 12 over two other doors in my bedroom.

 Makes me feel like I'm in a boutique hotel in Europe somewhere. Yeah like I've been to one.

 This hides the fuse box in the laundry room.

 So what ARE you hidin'?


Teri said...

LOL That's so clever! All of mine just hide scratches and holes in the walls :)

~ RM said...

Spiral perms weren't as hot as we thought?! hahaha.... YOu have to admit the mile high- football gear shoulder pads added a little something to a teal green blazer.(Wait,... those weren't hot either?) ICK! :P you're too funny!
I have been staring at the blindingly white doorbell thingy on my wall, too... Was thinking of what to do about that. Now I have a few ideas.... THanks!

Dawn said...

Hilarious post!! But I have to admit, Joe does scare me.... a little. :D

sanjeet said...

How fun! Can't wait to see what they come up with.

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Caroline said...

Those are some fabulous ideas! I have a few things I need to hide...

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