Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Traveling" through Nordic blogs

As of late I've been trying to expand my "blogging experience" a bit by venturing outside of my decor bubble. That landed me in NORWAY of all places!!! I found one blog, which led to another and another and another until I'd been all over the Nordic penninsula!
So, grab your imaginary passport cuz I'm going to escort you through some of my fav's!

First stop.....

this talented little lady resides in Norway
[for those of you who want a map I have taken the liberty of linking one up..... just in case you need a fresh reminder]
Because a picture is worth a thousand words I'm going to let her photos do the talking!

[look at her bookshelf!!!] added to my to-do list. Don't know where but I've GOT to have one!

and she's famous too! she's been featured in several articles and magazines in Norway

That's her front porch. And she crotcheted that quilt!!!

let's pause for a minute to appreciate her wonderful unique style before we globe trot again.

okay... ONWARD!!
next up....
Sweden[click to see map]
to see.....

This talented lady also owns a boutique where she sells her wonderful treasures
Once again, I'll try to shut my mouth. key word: try :)

are you in LOVE yet or what?!.... 1 more for your eyes to rest on

You getting ideas yet for your "souvenier" projects?
I know I know..... my list is growing by the minute! Not good (in a good way)

okay..... as much as I want to linger it's time to jet off tooooo.....
sweden. again. ok.... so let's linger a bit longer then cuz apparently the swedes have got talent!
Welcome to:

alright NOW let's country hop..... hmmm let's see which direction should we go [licking finger and sticking into the air]
oooh I know....
 [I'm not going to link up to a map. I would hope you would all know where germany is]

White Living has an oh so beautiful abode

don't you just love this?!?!?! ok sorry... less talk, more pics


Well I think that will be all for one night.... All this "traveling" is making me tired, and I haven't even left my chair! I guess my kids screaming in the background and the clock ticking away later and later into the night doesn't help much either.
I wish we could have ended our trip in my homeland Denmark!
[bet you didn't know I was from there did ya!]
But I have yet to find a blog from there. If anyone finds one LET ME KNOW! I guess I should ask my aunts and uncles who reside there. THEY might know! [lightbulb moment]

Happy "travels"!


Stephanie Lynn said...

Yummy eye candy! All of it! Thanks for passing along! Your blog is fabulous and I love the style! The projects you guys come up with are pure genius! Looking forward to see what else is in store!

FleaMarketTrixie said...

Thanks for the great foreign blogs!
I'm so lovin your blog, great stuff!

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