Monday, January 25, 2010

DIY Felt Rug

Want an easy DIY rug alternative for CHEAP?!
Non-fraying, uber cheap, kid-friendly, FELT makes this project a great accessorie for your floors.

 Personally, I'm going to add this project to my never-ending to-do list and probably incorporate it into my kids room [if I EVER get around to their room! :)]

For FULL[free]INSTRUCTIONS including a free downloadable pattern. CLICK HERE

Another quick idea I just had...
if you're not a fan of the zebra why not just incorporate this same idea into ANY pattern such as this one.

This picture was accompanied by a dead link. But supposedly it is just felt on felt.

Same idea as the zebra rug... just a different pattern!

anyone know if a Cricuit could cut out felt? If sooo.... this project would be easy-peasy!


Laurie at The Turner Farm said...

so thrilled that I found your blog. You have some great ideas.
(love the candlestick idea, I am a chef and used the exact same pieces for a very dramatic wedding cake for my daughter, will be posting pictures in a few days).

FleaMarketTrixie said...

what a cool rug! great blog

Cottage Dreamers said...

Great blog! You have a lot of cool ideas!

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