Friday, December 11, 2009

Renter's Corner

Renting? Can't paint your walls or make other changes you oh so wish you could? 3/4 of us are in the same boat so we're to help! Below are links to a few ideas to help with "Renter's Dilemma"
[Not all the items below are linked up yet. Please pardon our dust as we work on it. It'll all be up and running within the next few days so stay tuned and thank u 4 ur patience]

In lew of Painting.... TRY THESE OUT!
*Canvas drop cloth wall covering
*4x8 boards
*Textured beadboard wallpaper
*Bi-fold door screen
*Layered doors
*Newspaper wallpaper
*Dictionary pages wallpaper
*70's, not the ugly dated kind.. THIS kind!
*Metal Sheets

Cover that ugly carpet...
*Canvas drop cloth rugs
*Layer your rugs
*Felt Rugs. Cheap DIY project

Kitchen Cabinet [Temporary] Makeovers...
*Fabric covered cabinet doors
*Can't stand em? REMOVE 'em!
*Contact paper to the rescue!
*Chalkboard pictures "just hanging out"
*Picture frame backsplash
*Good ol' cork
*Fabric curtains instead of doors
*Map em'

Dated Fridge? How about...
*Contact paper --> before you cringe, take a gander :)
*DIY barn door
*Framed cork or chalkboard

Sneaky storage places & things...
*Dresser drawer incognito
*Pegboard pot holder
*Copper pipe Pot Rack, wall not ceiling mounted


Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

Great Tips. Landlords usually will agree to anything that is an improvement.

Carli said...

Hi there, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I LOVE that you have a "renter's corner" I will definitley be back to snoop around!

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