Friday, December 11, 2009

Pegboard pot rack

So I recently saw Julie & Julia via Redbox
[ I heart redbox ]
and LOVED how she {JULIA CHILD} turned her kitchen "workspace" into a REAL workspace!
I read somewhere online [ and I believe everything I read/see via the media ;) ] that her husband was the one who came up with the idea because he was sick of all the cluttered drawers and cupboards.

Here are a few pics to inspire your pegboard kitchen:
Items needed:
*Pegboard & pegboard hooks(from your local home improvement store
*screws to mount to the wall
*paint (optional)

 [notice the magnet strip that the knives are hanging on to in the above pic?]

BONUS IDEA: Frame the pegboard!

and how about adding letters to the background?

Or painting horizontal or vertical stripes? or squares?

[photo courtesy of: ]

as for me personally, this is what I'd do:

{excuse the pic, this is the best I could put my idea to "paper" with my limited photoshop skills}

I'd cut up a sheet of pegboard to fit my wall in 3 equal parts and frame them in with 1x4's. {or trim}
 and stain, distress, glaze, or paint them

It'd look great horizontal as well!

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