Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meet & Greet

We are 4 life-long friends who share a love of decorating.... Especially inexpensive... no, UBER cheap, DIY, thrifting, yardsale, junk-type stuff!
Why just the 1 blog? Because it gives us a way to connect, inspire & motivate eachother with our never ending list of projects. plus YOU get the benefit of having 4 different styles, & 4 different "blogs" all in 1 place!! Although it may sound [and might even be] confusing at times.... we'll each "sign" our pictures and our posts so you can [hopefully] navigate and get to know us with ease. However most of you are probably just here to look at the pictures and could care less who is who [or is that whom?] in which case.... enjoy! cuz there will always be something fun and new between the 4 of us.
Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie-  Decorating Style----> "Primitive, slightly rustic & cottage with a Junk Market twist"

Q & A with Stephanie:

Q-"What is your favorite architectural style?"
    A- "I'm not too particular. I LOVE history so I like all things old with charm and character. My dream home is a beat-up old home... pre-1930's, that I could fix up. 

Q-"Favorite thing about your house?"
    A- "It's cramped cozy. And probably the location. We live RIGHT downtown.

Q- "Least favorite thing?"
    A- "The size. It's just under 1000 sqft which makes life difficult when you have 3 little ones. But we are students so such is the life.

Q- "Current Project?"
    A- "hmmm... let's see. What am I NOT working on! That'd be a shorter list. PASS"

Q- "Wish List?"
    A- "I inherited an antique table & chairs from my Danish grandmother (Bedstemor)that I LOVE!!! The chairs are stuffed with the original horse hair/hay! {cue the ooohs & aaahs]
I ever so badly want it refinished! {hint hint hubby-o-mine}

DEBBIE- Decorating Style -----> "Global with a Junky twist" 

Q- What is your favorite room in your house and why?
"Right now it's my bedroom. Loving the $30 headboard and the view from where my head hits my pillow!!!

Q- What is the biggest decoration challenge you have had so far?
"Lack of funds for the big projects like flooring and counters. Also, I need to do less blog stalking and more project making!!"

Q- Your favorite style and colors?
"my style keeps evolving. Love found objects and repurposing things. Favorite color is green($$) :) Ok, Nature's green not paper green :)"

Q-What is your favorite piece of furniture or decoration in your house?
"I don't think I have favorite piece of furniture....I tend to like different vignettes around the house. Now it is my vintage suitcases stacked (each suitcase has a story to tell) next to my bed with an antique fan. Next to the fan is a ficus tree. " (pics of it coming soon)

Q-What is your next project?
"Next project...oh the possibilities. To copy the "nest" pillow in PB catoloq, no wait to make my lobster sign....wait! the pendant lights I want to make from my $5 Ross vases...oh! oh! how about making the curtains for my kitchen..... (now you know how the inside of my head sounds..scarry huh!!)"

Q-Your house is stunning! Do you have any design secrets to share with us?
"Thank you for the compliment....I must remember to enjoy the process and not the end results more!! Don't be afraid to try something new. We can always have do-overs (I think I am on #89). Go big with the accessories, I have a 42" clock from Ballard's (Christmas/birthday/clearance/begging gift) that is in a small room and makes a huge impact when you enter the house."

KRISTEL- Decorating Style -----> "Retro/vintage-Chic"

Q & A With Kristel:

Q- "Describe your dream kitchen"
   A-"White Cabinets, 50's style with modern conveniences of course. Black and white checkered counter tops. Splashes of turquoise throughout. And It would be super rad to have recycled old bricks (cuz those look awesome!) as a backsplash!"

Q- "What do you do in your down time?"
   A- "I'm an artist at heart. I love to draw! And of course junk treasure hunting!"

Q- "What is your favorite things about your home?"
   A- "I am working on turning my spare room into an artist's studio. It's my favorite thing to plan and think about about and will be my favorite place when it's finished."

Q- "What's on your wish list?"
   A- "All the stuff for my studio of course... and then a playroom for my kids where they can keep all their toys out of my living room :) Oh!! AND a 50's bathroom!!!"

Q- "Where is your dream home located?"
   A- "I'm Danish so I'd LOVE to live there!! But seeing as how Denmark has all those strict rules regarding immigration and my hubby isn't one... it's just a dream. So I'll settle for anywhere green with rolling hills. Washington state? Hawaii? idk. [of course I live smack dab in the middle of the desert! <--just my luck]"

Cierra- Decorating Style ----->
Cierra will be otherwise detained for the next few months due to a major job change, a BIG move (20+ hours away), a new baby almost here, and a major car accident that put her in crutches. Yes that's right. ALL the major stressors in life, and ALL in the past month!! Take it easy chickabity... you need it! 


Stacey said...

I LOVE your Blog!!!! I feel like I know you (or all of you!) already and I just popped in! I love how your personality comes to life with the way you write...great job on all the stuff you do! Love it!

Bird said...

Loving it!!

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