Friday, December 11, 2009

Temporary Cabinet Makeover - Map em'

Look at these unique cabinets! Mounting maps to [only] the top half creates a beautiful showcase without being too busy. Notice the 3 clocks with the different time zones? adds to the charm I think.
[sorry the pic is blurry. Came that way.]

Don't have old/vintage maps lying around? Get some new ones and "wax" them with shoe polish! wax on... wax off... wax on... wax OK you get the idea. This will create that sepia "dirty" look that is oh so wonderful to look at. Make sure you wipe off the excess really good and let it dry before you hang them.
What's that? How do you hang them you ask?
Well I have a few suggestions... take your pick:
Double sided tape. Mirror mounting tape. Liquid starch.  {any other ideas? I'm currently fresh out}

*Recommended tip: don't use any maps that hold personal value. these will stay up well, but will more than likely rip when you have to/decide to remove them.

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