Friday, December 11, 2009

Barn Door Fridge

Found this pic at HOUZZ! isn't it lovely?!

Jennifer over at The Old Painted Cottage had an ever so ingenious idea of covering her fridge that I believe could be twerked for renters. [for her full instructions, and amazing before/after pics of her whole place click here]

Items you'll need:
magnet board cut to spec
(you could also use beadboard wallpaper and adhere that to a board in lew of beadboard)
and as always, thrift stores, yardsales, junk yards, salvage yards, etc are the best places to get most of the above mentioned items.

Cut the beadboard to spec. Adhere the beadboard to magnet board. Adhere cut trim to top middle and bottom. Attatch hinges and handles. stick on fridge.
I personally would also take a 1x4 {ish} board and glue it on sideways to make it like a "Z" barn door which would be especially cute on a top/bottom freezer fridge.

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