Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If you haven't heard about Kido'z yet (and you have children in your home) then you are missing out!
Listen up Grandma & Grandpa! This is for you too!
(For when all your little grandkids come over)

Kido'z is a FREE downloadable browser that is so easy to use a 2 year old could use it!
It's super safe, fun, and educational!

Did I mention that it's picture based so there is no reading required?!

Simply download

 And you're done! It's that easy!

Once downloaded there is a whole range of activities for your child to enjoy. My kids can have free reign because once in Kido'z there is no "address bar" for them to click on so it's super safe for them and keeps my computer virus free :)

This is starting to sound like a paid advertisement isn't it.....
It's not FYI. :) I just SOOO love it and I love sharing that which I love! :)

I'll jump off my podium in just a sec... let me just show you some cool things your kids could be doing right now

Once downloaded there will be a little rainbow icon that you click on your desktop which will then bring you here

Your kids browse through the pictures until they see a game or video they want to see. Kido'z has educational and child friendly YouTube clips such as animals and stuff as well as direct links to G rated kids sites. Everything on Kido'z is G rated.

I clicked on the Mickey Mouse button which then brought me straight to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse site on

Kido'z stays on the top and bottom of the screen with the website displayed in the middle.

When you click on the Videos tab at the bottom of the screen (pictured above) it brings you here where you can click on any of the buttons which are "channels" that connect you to all sorts of videos within that channel category

Channels like: ABC's  Fun Babies Animals Classic Cartoons Sesame Street Movies Science How-To Funny Stuff Kid's Songs etc.

Alright... I'll hop off my podium :) I think you get the point of how AWESOME Kido'z is.

To Download CLICK HERE
or go to

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